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Mustard seed pad

Mustard seed pad

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ATTENTION: This product is not a mature plant, but a seed pad with seeds that can be grown in a mana farm.


Cellulose seed pads with seeds



Storage Instructions

Store dry and dark

Appearance: Light green stem with clearly visible hairs and kidney-shaped cotyledons with a slight notch at the leaf end. The underside of the leaves can appear reddish to purple when young.

Flavor: Intense spiciness preceded by a distinctly sweet note. Reminds of wasabi.

Food categories: As a condiment for salads, soups, as well as for smoothies and sandwiches. Excellent as a topping for bowls, as well as for raw fish or carpaccio. Fits the taste of Asian cuisine, for example in wok and tofu dishes. Also goes well with roast beef or spicy baked potatoes

Brief description: In terms of taste, the microgreens have an intense spiciness, which is preceded by a clear sweet note. In terms of taste, they can be used excellently as a seasoning for salads, soups, as well as for smoothies and sandwiches. In addition, the characteristic aroma comes into its own with raw fish or carpaccio and is just as good as an aromatic refinement in Asian cuisine, for example with wok dishes.

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