Nothing beats fresh!

Indoor farming systems for the hospitality industry.

We combine absolute freshness with a positive impact on our environment .
Our goal is to enable the hyper-local cultivation of high quality herbal ingredients.
This reduces transport routes, packaging and food waste in the
reduce hospitality.

Jetzt zu Hause anbauen: Die Mana Bowl

Dein Mini-Farming System für zu Hause: Die Mana Bowl mit automatischem Bewässerungsdocht.

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Mana Farms at Peter Pane

  • Save money:

    Save cash by growing your own greens instead of buying them.

  • Ultra Fresh & Pesticide Free:

    Our closed cultivation system does not require any pesticides or fungicides.

  • Easy to handle:

    The Mana Farm can be used with little time thanks to the Seedpad system.

  • "In general, microgreens contain much higher concentrations of vitamins and carotenoids than their adult counterparts." Gene Lester, Journal of Argicultural and Food Chemistry 2012
  • "For the antioxidant properties of radish seeds, the strongest positive effect was caused by irradiation with additional LED light." Giedre Samuoliene, Central European Journal of Biology 2011

Our seed pads:

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