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"Mizuna Red" Japanese Mustard Cabbage

"Mizuna Red" Japanese Mustard Cabbage

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ATTENTION: This product is not a mature plant, but a seed pad with seeds that can be grown in a mana farm.


Cellulose seed pads with seeds



Storage Instructions

Store dry and dark

Appearance : Tender little plant with a long, filigree whitish to light green stem. Small, heart-shaped leaves with a green and purple speckled upper surface and a green underside.

Flavor: Mild cabbage flavor with a hint of spiciness.

Food categories: As a decoration for fresh salads, healthy smoothies or hearty soups. It also tastes great with rich wok or tofu dishes or as a topping for fresh vegetables.

Short : Mizuna Red originally comes from Japan and also goes by the name of Japanese mustard cabbage. It belongs to the leaf and cabbage vegetables and, in addition to its wonderfully mild cabbage taste with a hint of spiciness, also convinces with valuable ingredients and the pretty contrast of the reddish leaves and whitish-green stems.

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